Historical Reenactment Group

We specialise in the high Medieval period. Founded in 2005 in and around Manchester, we now have members from all over the UK. Our interests cover the period from the early middle ages and up to the Renaissance.

We are fun, friendly, family orientated medieval reenactors

We do not rest even when the winter winds start howling. Every Saturday we get together to hone our skills. A strong sense of community is a large part of what makes re-enactment so fun. It’s a unique chance to move away from trials and tribulations of modern life, don your medieval personality and have fun.

“Thus passes away the glory of the world.”


Kingdom Event Calendars

The Kings And Queens group has several types of events. All of which are listed on the Calendar.

Storia e Politica

Storia e organizzazione politica. Dalla creazione della Valle dei Sogni agli anni del dominio Seleide di Linnea Isilva

Struttura Militare

Struttura e storia dell'organizzazione militare negli anni del Regno Seleide

Struttura del Regno

Scopri le Contee e Ducati che costituiscono il Regno della Valle, la loro storia e peculiarità.

Teoria delle Arti Arcane

Evoluzione delle teorie arcane e applicazioni pratiche della magia

Pantheon Religioso

Dei, Santi e Demoni del Regno. La loro storia e peculiarità.

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Pictures From Shows and Events

Kings and Queens recreate chivalric foot tournaments of the Nobility and Knights in all their splendor and glory. Leap into the fray or simply enjoy the spectacle!