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Kings & Queens welcomes all to join and become medieval reenactors. We are fun, friendly, family orientated medieval reenactors with some families of 3 generations taking part, and roles for members of all ages.


Our Characters

Knights & Nobles

Knights were the elite of the medieval world, they were heavily armored and skilled warriors.

Gortosk & Dognar

Gortosk & Dognar, Cinghiale da Guerra & Maestro d’Ascia

Nalklyr Aldermon

Country: Tjass Fall, Mondi del Sottosuolo
Club: Aldermon
Nalklyr Aldermon

Ateras Elenmane

Country: Ducato di Cloudfort
Club: Elenmane
Ateras Elenmane ut Cloudfort

Angel del Sone Nero

Country: Contea di Shadowdale
Club: Solenero
Angel del Sole Nero, Barone di Shadowdale, Gran Maresciallo dell’esercito Seleide